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How We're Helping

The current priorities for The Kalm Foundation charitable donations focus on improving healthcare by primary support for the following projects:

  • Dedicated facility for very specialized (neuro) surgical care.
  • Electronic patient file that communicates via a virtual data layer.
  • 3-5 year training program for the most talented (international) doctors.
  • Data science-oriented research groups to mine data related to pathology, radiology, etc.
  • Expansion of research facilities 
  • Development-oriented care project to reduce the amount of moments of pain and anxiety during - often long-lasting – treatment against cancer.
  • Creation of an international database on pedriatic oncology to create more insight in disease progression and survival.
  • Construction of a dedicated Protons center.
  • Research on Alzheimer (curing and prevention

In the future the scope of donations will be broadened both geographically and in technologies to encompass, without being restricted to: agricultural projects and markets, quality education, green energy, formal housing, waste to energy and safe drinking water. 

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